Always think of your audience

Use terms your audience understands

  • While we have a glossary for terms we use, we shouldn’t expect everyone to be intimately familiar with it. We want to use general terms as much as possible.
  • Keep jargon and technical terms only for those who know it well.
  • Write in plain language so people with any literacy level understand.
The first half of your round trip includes two flights.
Error: Your password must contain: a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a number.
To accomplish this, we have a set of tasks running periodically at a set time.
The outbound sector of your itinerary has two flight segments.
Error: Password not validated. Minimum of three character groups not fulfilled.
To accomplish this, we have CronJobs to run jobs on a pod at a set time.

Use words and structures you’d use when speaking

To get a quick answer (to your request)
So you need to give us more details about it.
We can’t start now.
In order to facilitate a response to your inquiry
Said requirement will therefore necessitate your providing more information regarding the matter.
We cannot commence at the present moment.

Adapt your tone to the situation

Keep your tone serious in stressful situations

Make descriptions of potential trips light and fun

Take advantage of opportunities for playfulness

This page no longer exists, or perhaps it never existed in the first place! But that’s a question for Schrödinger.
Oops, there’s a glitch with this page! We’re sooo sorry, this never happens to us. Try again, pretty please.
Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you plan your next trip.
Remember us? We miss you! Come back and find your next adventure!
Up to 25% of flights get delayed or canceled every year. Protect your trip with the Guarantee.
In case you didn’t notice, travel became tricky in the past couple of years. Lucky for you, there’s our Guarantee.

Keep focus on users

Describe what choices mean for users

Address users directly

  • When describing a trip, write about what “you” will do on the trip.
  • When writing a guide, focus on what “you” will do to accomplish the task.
You’ll love walking the empty streets of Brno in August.
To connect to the results, add an option.
The average person will love walking the empty streets of Brno in August.
To connect to the results, we’re going to add an option.
Hi [customer name],…
Dear customer,…
To whom it may concern,…