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Spring is coming. Where are you going?

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It's spring! Are your bags packed?
You could be on a beach, a trail, or a cobbled city street --
just follow the sun


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We'll inform you about travel restrictions on your route
while searching for your next trip at

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Relax. Whatever route you're taking on your adventure,
we'll let you know about any travel restrictions while you're searching on


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This filter lets you exclude stopover destinations you find difficult
or inconvenient to travel through.

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Not the stopover you want?
That’s okay, our smart little filter lets you pick and choose your route – it’s that simple.

Behind the scenes

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Let's take a look behind the scenes at the people and processes
that make our business what it is.

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to get you to the places you’ve dream of?
Come on in and we’ll show you.


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Check out routes by check-in options

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Dreaming of a beach and just flip flops?
You can search trips based on how much or how little luggage you want to take?

At the airport

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Here's a beginner's guide to a crucial part of the airport experience.

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The start of any adventure is how you get there.
So, here’s some tips for a stress-free trip through any airport

In short: Guiding principles

  1. Always professional: we know what we’re doing, and our credibility comes naturally
  2. Globally inclusive: we include different cultures and avoid issues that could be lost in translation
  3. Service first: we’re about solutions, not problems, although we know things can go wrong as well as right. Our focus is customers and their experience, not just our product features
  4. Add variety: we use this guide as a framework to tailor each post or contact, we don’t robotically copy and paste our social media responses
  5. Keep it simple: we don’t overcomplicate or use jargon, or technical terms the customer doesn’t know