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How we write and use images in social media.

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Through the way we speak, we want to ignite people’s passion to travel and tap into their thirst for discovery. Whatever the message on social media, whether it’s inspirational, supportive, or reactive, we want to inspire them to adventure further in the knowledge that will get them there. We need to convey a new approach to traveling for a new world and get our customers to

See the world differently.

See how this works with our core principles.


We’re in awe of the world around us

We love what we do so we write with feeling because we share in our customers’ excitement. Writing to inspire and bring out their adventurous side. Life is about living and our copy should reflect that. We’re about can and should: make them feel like they want to go and pack their bags.


We’re a part of the adventure

We’re caring and understanding, we’re here to support and give our customers the best travel experience. We always keep it simple and don’t use technical jargon or formalities. We use contractions like we’re, it’s, you’re, because they’re less formal and functional.


We invite everyone to join

As a global brand, we need to include everyone. We use diverse people in our imagery and universal language rather than slang or idioms. So, no one is left out. We write to make customers feel part of the conversation, regardless of their cultural background.


We make life simple

We’re always simplifying. Don’t use 5 words where 2 will do. We don’t speak in a corporate way, but we’re always professional. We’re to the point: clear and concise with our actions.


We’re real and open

We’re always authentic with our messaging. We recognize travel can have both ups and downs. We use conversational and clear language to make our point.



Be less…

Spring is coming. Where are you going?

Lacks passion and excitement. Feels functional and formal.

Be more…

It's spring! Are your bags packed?
You could be on a beach, a trail, or a cobbled city street --
just follow the sun

Passionate and actionable.


Be less…

We'll inform you about travel restrictions on your route
while searching for your next trip at

Cold. Corporate.

Be more…

Relax. Whatever route you're taking on your adventure,
we'll let you know about any travel restrictions while you're searching on

Inclusive and transparent.


Be less…

This filter lets you exclude stopover destinations you find difficult
or inconvenient to travel through.

Functional. Lacks empathy.

Be more…

Not the stopover you want?
That’s okay, our smart little filter lets you pick and choose your route – it’s that simple.

Empathetic, friendly, warm and authentic.

Behind the scenes

Be less…

Let's take a look behind the scenes at the people and processes
that make our business what it is.

Cold. Corporate.

Be more…

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to get you to the places you’ve dream of?
Come on in and we’ll show you.

Inclusive and transparent.


Be less…

Check out routes by check-in options

Functional. Unclear.

Be more…

Dreaming of a beach and just flip flops?
You can search trips based on how much or how little luggage you want to take?

Real. Passionate. Transparent.

At the airport

Be less…

Here's a beginner's guide to a crucial part of the airport experience.

Cold. Corporate.

Be more…

The start of any adventure is how you get there.
So, here’s some tips for a stress-free trip through any airport

Passionate. Straightforward. Warm.

In short: Guiding principles

  1. Always professional: we know what we’re doing, and our credibility comes naturally
  2. Globally inclusive: we include different cultures and avoid issues that could be lost in translation
  3. Service first: we’re about solutions, not problems, although we know things can go wrong as well as right. Our focus is customers and their experience, not just our product features
  4. Add variety: we use this guide as a framework to tailor each post or contact, we don’t robotically copy and paste our social media responses
  5. Keep it simple: we don’t overcomplicate or use jargon, or technical terms the customer doesn’t know