Grammar & mechanics

Active and passive voice

(You can) download your boarding pass.
We added your baggage.
Your boarding pass can be downloaded.
Baggage has been added.
  • It’s not possible to book this flight. / We couldn’t book this flight.
  • Baggage is included. / Booking includes baggage.


canceled (but cancellation)
Oliver Dlouhý, Petra Vaškových
Oliver Dlouhy, Petra Vaskovych


I’ll check it for you.
I will check it for you.

Abbreviations and acronyms

  • UK
  • UTC
  • COVID-19
  • carrier reservation number (PNR)


Sentence case

Manage my trip / Manage trip
Your booking is confirmed
Reminder: add your details
Manage My Trip
Your Booking Is Confirmed
Reminder: Add Your Details

Title case

  • easyJet
  • Wizz Air
  • British Airways
  • Guarantee
  • Credit
  • Nomad
  • Click Refunds & cancellations

All caps

  • To emphasize text, use bold instead.

Plural vs. singular

Carriers don’t offer any refunds.
Your boarding passes will be ready soon.
Carrier(s) don’t/doesn’t offer any refunds.
Your boarding pass/es will be ready soon.



You’ll need a visa and a PCR test to travel to your destination.
You’ll need a visa & a PCR test to travel to your destination.
  • Refunds & cancellations
  • Help & support
  • Overview & payment


Please add your details.
We unfortunately can’t help.
Hi John,…
Please, add your details.
We, unfortunately, can’t help.
Hi, John,…
Plane, bus, and train
Plane, bus and train
Changes, refunds & cancellations
Changes, refunds, & cancellations

Exclamation points

Your booking is ready!
You saved a new password!
We have tickets for €5! Book now!!!

Interrobang, ellipsis, and other unusual punctuation

  • Don’t want to miss this deal?!
  • Check this out…

Symbols and spaces

kg, cm
ºC, ºF
€, $
kilogram, centimeter
Celsius, Fahrenheit
8h 30min, < 48h
40 × 56 × 29 cm
8 h 30 min, < 48 h
7 kg
3 ×
0 ºC
€ 20

Full stops

You can find us at
Header: Continue your search
Button: Find out more
You can find us at
Header: Continue your search.
Button: Find out more.

Quotation marks & apostrophes

“ ”
" "
Click Refunds & cancellations
Click “Refunds & cancellations”

Dashes and hyphens

  • 1-hour flight
  • co-traveler
  • 12:30–14:35
  • 1–2 days
  • But: Prague → Barcelona
  • We checked you in — now you can download your boarding passes.


Widely recognized
Work well across devices and cultures
Visible in both dark and light modes
Emoticons :(
Multiple emojis in a row
Emojis with sexual innuendo
Emojis that might be considered too emotional, personal, or unprofessional
Emojis that represent human figures, groups of people, or human body parts
  • Your booking is confirmed! 🎉

Dates, numbers, and measurements


You have 2 hours to transfer.
You have two hours to transfer.
  • 60.5 million passengers
  • We saved $60B.


  • Friday, October 26, 2018
  • Fri Oct 26 to Sun Oct 28
  • Fri Oct 26–Sun Oct 28
  • 10/26–10/28 (❗Only as the last resort when the space is extremely limited)


  • 14:59 UTC
  • 14:00–16:30
  • 8h 30min


€20 (but 20 EUR)
$100 (but 100 USD)
20 €
100 $


Checked baggage
Priority boarding
Free check-in
Checked baggage
priority boarding
You’ll get free check-in
  • If an item on the list is a complete sentence, capitalize the first word and add a full stop.
  • If an item isn’t a complete sentence, don’t use punctuation, but capitalize the first word of each bullet.
We’ll check you in for free.
Free check-in
we’ll check you in for free
free check-in
  • Profile>Settings>App preferences>Currency


Talking to readers

You can book a new trip.
It’s possible to book a new trip. / The customer can book a new trip.

Talking as readers

Manage my trip / Manage trip
I agree to these Terms & Conditions.
Manage your trip
You should agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Talking about someone

One of the travelers hasn’t added their details for online check-in.
One of the travelers hasn’t added his/her details for online check-in.

Talking about us —

We can offer you the best deals.
All our messages are also available in your inbox. can offer you the best deals.
All our messages are also available in your inbox. (Can be confused with email inbox.)

Sentence structure

Word choice

speed up
We’ll need your details.
Please be advised that we will need your details.
  • info / information
  • OK / okay