ESLint plugin

How to install and use the ESLint plugin for Orbit components.


Collection of ESLint rules to enforce the best usage practices of @kiwicom/orbit-components.


Assuming you already have ESLint installed, run:

# npm
npm install eslint-plugin-orbit-components --save-dev
# yarn
yarn add eslint-plugin-orbit-components --dev

Then add it to your ESLint configuration:

"plugins": [
// ...
"rules": {
// ...
"orbit-components/button-has-title": "error",
"orbit-components/unnecessary-text": "error",

or via extending our recommended config:

"extends": [

Supported Rules

  • button-has-title: Enforces that Button and ButtonLink do have either children or title property.
  • unnecessary-text: Enforces that children of Button or Heading are not wrapped in Text component.