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Our components are served as an npm packages.



Orbit-components is a React component library which provides developers with the easiest possible way of building’s products.

Orbit Mission

Orbit aims to bring order and consistency to all of our products and processes. We elevate user experience and increase the speed and efficiency of how we design and build products.


orbit-components are served as an npm package.

Add them to your project by running:

// with npm
npm install @kiwicom/orbit-components

// with yarn
yarn add @kiwicom/orbit-components

Don’t forget to install the styled-components ^4.0.0 also.


  1. Import fonts that are used in orbit-components:

Or via CSS:

@import url(",400i,500,500i,700");
  1. Include any of our components in your project and use it:
import Alert from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/Alert";

<Alert>Hello World!</Alert>;

If you want to use custom theme or dictionary inside your project, it’s necessary to wrap your app into <ThemeProvider>. See this document for more information.

For live preview check out Storybook or

You can also try orbit-components live on CodeSandbox.

Main Sections:


We are working on making this project fully open source. We appreciate any contributions you might make.

Bug reports and feature request are welcome but, please use the correct template.

Please check out our Contribution Guide. It includes contribution guidelines and information on how to run and develop the project.


We want to provide only components of the highest quality. We can’t do that without your feedback. If you have any suggestions about what we can do to improve components, please report it directly as an issue or write to us at #orbit-components on Slack.

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