Form labels

cardholder’s nameThe name of the owner of the card; used in payment forms
credit card numberSet of digits typically on the front of the payment card that’s used as a card identifier
date of birthUsed instead of “birth date” or similar
expiration dateUsed for travel documents and in the payment form; not “expiry date”
genderRefers to the gender in the official travel document; selected from a list of options
given namesUsed instead of “first name” as it covers middle names as well
nationalityRefers to the nationality in the official travel document; selected from a list of countries
security codeA three- or four-digit code typically on the back of the payment card; used as a security feature in payment forms
surnamesSecond part of the name

Travel words & phrases


booking numberA numeric code used by to locate bookings (such as 2326340). Each booking with has a unique booking number (never called BID or booking ID in customer-facing communication).
carrier reservation number (PNR)Passenger Name Record in full — an alphanumeric code used by the airlines to locate bookings (such as A1YE21). Each flight ticket has a unique PNR associated with the booking and personal details.
e-ticketConfirmation of the reservation generated by; contains travel details and enables check-in, but is not a boarding pass
boarding passDocument generated after check-in by the airlines that allows a passenger to board; only applies to air tickets
carrier ticketsTickets for ground transport generated by the carriers. If we have both boarding passes and carrier tickets, we mention both.
passengerA person booked on a specific trip; used in context of a specific trip when referring to details such as passport info.
travelerA person who has an account, has booked, traveled, or plans to travel with us; used when speaking about our customers in general
co-travelerA fellow customer who usually travels with the customer with the account.
expiration (date)Usually related to travel documents and payment cards. We don’t use “expiry date”.
layoverA part of a trip that requires you to change from one vehicle to another at a connection point. This can be from one plane to another at an intermediary airport or from one form of transport to another, such as transferring from a bus to a plane. Synonym: stop (not “stopover”)
low-cost airlineAn airline that minimizes operating costs and doesn’t provide services traditionally included in the fare offered by commercial airlines.
special assistanceAn additional service to help passengers with disabilities.


additional servicesSeating, meals, sports equipment, and so on.
baggageSuitcases and bags containing personal belongings packed for traveling.

We use “baggage” instead of “bags” wherever possible. The only exception is where space is absolutely crucial like in our search tags. Baggage is more versatile in terms of singular, plural, and the stuff that travelers would potentially take with them. We don’t use “luggage”.
baggage claim (area)The whole area within the terminal where arriving passengers claim checked-in baggage after disembarking from a flight.
baggage carouselA moving belt where you collect your baggage at an airport (not “baggage conveyor belt”).
baggage recheckWhen baggage needs to be collected and checked in again during a layover.
checked baggageBaggage that needs to be checked in at the airport (not “hold baggage”).
cabin baggageBaggage passengers can take with them on board (not ”hand” or “carry-on baggage”)
personal itemA smaller item you carry on board in addition to your cabin baggage, such as a camera bag, purse, or a small backpack.
carry-on bundleA bundle that includes both a personal item and cabin baggage.
first classA luxury travel class offered by some airlines
check-in (noun/adjective), check in (verb)A process where passengers confirm they’ll be on their respective flight and get their boarding pass.

◦ When we check our passengers in, they don’t have to check in at the airport, saving them a check-in fee and waiting in line at the check-in counter.
premium economyA travel class offered by some airlines that provides additional services compared to standard economy class.
priority boardingAn additional service that allows passengers to avoid lines and board the plane before other passengers.

Bookings and trips

bookingA reservation a customer made with us; used when talking about the act of booking or specifics such as booking options or booking number, otherwise we prefer trip
Booking number
◦ You booked 1 flight.
reservationA reservation we made for the customer with each carrier; synonym: ticket
• Carrier reservation number (PNR)
• Your booking consists of 2 separate reservations with carriers.
tripThe whole travel experience containing everything a customer booked with us. We use it when talking about a particular booking.
trip page, my trips
• Your trip starts in a few days.

We rarely use synonyms (for example, “journey”).
one-way / round / multi-city tripTypes of trips, depending on what destinations they contain:
• A one-way trip goes to one destination and only contains a departure trip.
• A round trip goes there and back and contains a departure and return trip.
• A multi-city trip has multiple destinations — a passenger travels from one city to another, stays there for some time, and continues the journey to another city.
departure / return tripSections of a round trip all going in one direction — either to the destination or back (not outbound / inbound)
part (of the trip)The smallest section of the trip; for example, a flight or a bus/train ride
• A part of your trip was rescheduled.

We only use “segments,” “legs,” “sections,” and “sectors” internally.
itineraryAll parts of the trip that make up a single booking; a trip schedule that consists of one or more carrier reservations
Itinerary detail
◦ Alternative itinerary

Product names

Examples of generic product parts and services

accountA part of the app where registered customers have access to all their bookings and settings
price alertsEmail and push notifications about price changes for saved routes search page
radius searchA search for flights within a certain area

Branded product features

NomadA feature that allows customers to choose their preferred destinations with an approximate time of stay in each, and get suggestions for the best route GuaranteeA paid service offered to protect customers in case of changes or cancellations caused by the carrier CreditRefund method customers can use as a payment option on We never use the plural (Credits).

Travel hacks

self-transferCombines multiple carrier reservations in a single itinerary, where the customer is responsible for their own transfer during a layover
Self-transfer travel hack
◦ Itinerary with a self-transfer between flights

This is also known as virtual interlining, but we don’t use the term in customer-facing communication — we explain it instead.
hidden cityA carrier reservation with a flight that has a layover in the passenger’s intended destination but that continues somewhere else; cheaper than a direct flight to the intended destination
Hidden city travel hack
◦ This itinerary has not 1 but 2 hidden cities.
throwaway ticketingA round-trip ticket that’s cheaper than a one-way ticket
Throwaway ticketing travel hack
◦ This itinerary has 1 throwaway ticket.

Ticket types

Saver TicketThe cheapest fare, recommended if a customer has a fixed schedule and doesn’t plan to change or cancel their trip
Standard TicketA fare that allows customers to rebook their trip once and only pay the difference
Flexi TicketThe most flexible fare that allows customers to rebook their trip once and only pay the difference or cancel their trip (before a certain deadline) and get an 80% refund of the carrier ticket and services

Service levels

Basic ServicesThe lowest level of customer support. Customers with Basic Services have to wait longer than other customers and have to pay a €30 processing fee for additional services.
Plus ServicesThe mid-level of customer support. Customers with Plus Services are prioritized over customers with Basic Services and have to pay a €10 processing fee for additional services.
Premium ServicesThe highest level of customer support. Customers with Premium Services are served first and don’t pay processing fees for additional services.

Terms and policies

Privacy PolicyA legal document that discloses the ways gathers, uses, discloses, and manages customer data
Refund & Cancellation PolicyA legal document explaining the terms of refund and cancellation
Terms & ConditionsA legal agreement between and a person who wants to use the company’s services
Terms of UseTerms that apply to every visitor of the website


  • Auto-reply; but autofill, prefill
  • Afterwards, not afterward
  • Website, not site or webpage
  • Customer support, not service and always in lowercase
  • Discount whenever possible, promo code for the actual code; voucher for the non-monetary refund we receive from carriers
  • Sign in/out, not log in/out