A list of most used words and phrases in products.

Travel words & phrases

return (trip)

A journey to a specific destination and back.

one-way (trip)

A journey to a specific destination.

multi-city (trip)

A journey when a passenger travels from one city to another, stays there for some time, continues the journey to another city, and so on.

radius search

A search for flights within a certain area.


Contains travel details and enables check-in but doen’t allow a passenger to board.

boarding pass

Generated after check-in and allows a passenger to board. Only applies to air tickets.

carrier ticket

Tickets for ground transportation.

additional services

Seating, meals, sports equipment, and so on.

special assistance

An additional service to help passengers with disabilities.

check-in (noun/adjective), check in (verb)

Example: Once we check in our passengers, they can skip check-in altogether, saving them the check-in fee and the line at the check-in counter.


When baggage needs to be collected during a layover.

checked baggage

When passengers need to check their baggage at the airport.

cabin baggage

Baggage passengers can take with them on board. (Not hand luggage.)

personal item

An item in addition to cabin baggage that can be carried on board, such as a camera bag or purse.

Passenger Name Record (PNR)

A numbering convention used in the travel industry. Each itinerary has a unique PNR associated with all the booking and personal details.

booking ID (BID)’s private numbering convention used to locate our bookings (such as 2326340). Always use the long form (not BID) in communications with users.

Itinerary parts

Kiwis can find more information about itinerary naming.


A segment is an atomic unit of the itinerary. One segment connects two locations and can be traveled by different vehicles. If you’re taking a flight, it’s called a flight segment. When you’re traveling by bus, it’s a bus segment. And so on.


A connection is a part of a trip that requires you to change from one vehicle to another at a connection point. This can be from one plane to another at an intermediary airport or from one form of transport to another, such as transferring from a bus to a plane. A connection consists of two or more segments. Each segments can be operated by the same or a different carrier.


A sector is a part of the itinerary that consists of one or more segments to reach a specific destination. A one-way trip has one sector. For example, for a trip from Prague to Valencia with a connection in London the sector is from Prague to Valencia. A round trip has two sectors. For example, consider a round trip from Barcelona to Beijing with a connection in Vienna. One sector (called the outbound sector) is from Barcelona to Beijing and the second (called the inbound sector) is from Beijing to Barcelona. A multi-city trip has two or more sectors. For example, a multi-city trip that goes from Prague to London, then from Manchester to Barcelona, and then from Madrid to Vienna has three sectors.


An itinerary is all the segments that make up a single booking.

Form labels

Given names

We use this instead of “First name” as it covers middle names as well.


Second part of the name.


A list of countries.


A list of options.

Date of birth

Don’t use “Birth date” or similar.

Credit card number

In payment forms.

Expiration date

In payment forms.

Security code

In payment forms.

Cardholder’s name

In payment forms.

Product related

This is the brand name of our product. It’s not Kiwi or Skypicker. Guarantee

Our guarantee to our customers.


A search feature based on a traveling salesman algorithm that takes destinations and shuffles them to prepare the shortest, most affordable itineraries.


Search feature for holiday packages.

Travel Planner

Search feature for planning travel itineraries for events and meetings using calendar integrations.

Refer a Friend

Tell your pals about


Our online travel magazine.

Price Alerts

Receive alerts about changes in travel pricing.

Travel Basic

Essential travel insurance.

Travel Plus

Extended travel insurance.


The external name of our Smart FAQ with articles to answer our customers’ most common questions. Credit

Sent to our customer accounts from refunds, Refer a Friend, and so on to pay for travel.