For designers

Everything you need to start designing with the Orbit UI kit.

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Everything you need to start designing with Orbit UI kit.

👋 Hi designer.

Set up your computer to be effective with Orbit.


We use Figma for all our entire design workflow. Since it’s a larger topic, we’ve set up a set of guides on working with Figma.


Visit our Google Drive fonts folder and install the Roboto and Circular Pro fonts. (You need access rights to the Design Group.)

If you plan to use Orbit in your projects, you can also download the fonts from Google Fonts repository. If you want to use Circular Pro, don’t forget to buy a license for your domains.

Use plugins to be more effective

You need to be careful with plugins as they sometimes slow down your work rather than speeding it up. But here are some Figma plugins that should make you even more effective and shouldn’t create any major issues.


An essential plugin to show flows in your groups. This makes it easy to connect screens into a clear flow with a single hotkey.