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Everything you need to start designing with Orbit UI kit.

👋 Hi designer.

Let’s check the next few sections to set up your computer to be effective with Orbit.


Both Sketch and Abstract are the most fundamental tools in our design workflow. A number of other tools we use are connected to or integrated with Sketch. Our design version control tool, Abstract, is one such tool, and it’s essential for our design system as well.

Abstract also allows us to maintain all our design files in one place. Last but not least, Abstract connects all Sketch files to the Orbit UI kit. As a result, every designer has easy access to the most recent version of Orbit UI kit, color palette, and styles.

If you’ve never worked with Abstract before, please check it out and familiarize yourself with how it works.


Once you have Sketch & Abstract installed, there are two simple steps to do:

  • Write on Slack to #pls-devs-assist for a Sketch License.
  • If you haven’t already been invited to Abstract and our design folders in Google Drive, write @honza and he’ll fix that immediately

Linking UI kit into your project in Abstract

UI Kit file is on Abstract linked to every project as the library which means you can find it in the Master branch. In case you are working already on a different branch or nested sub-branch and you can’t see the UI Kit file there, you should always check if you are up to date with the Master branch.


Visit our Google Drive folder with fonts and install Roboto and Circular Pro fonts.

If you plan to use Orbit in your projects, you can also download fonts from Google Fonts repository. If you want to use Circular Pro, don’t forget to buy a license for your domain(s).

Use plugins to be more effective

We are not huge fans of plugins, as they are sometimes slowing down Sketch. But here is selected list of Sketch plugins to make you even more effective. Orbit is well tested with them and shouldn’t have any major issues.

Sketch Runner

The essential plugin if you want to be effective in working with components.