A list of all channels for reporting bugs and requesting new features.

Slack is’s main platform for communication, so it’s only understandable that everything important that’s happening around Orbit is also on Slack.



We have groups you can use to tag members of the Orbit team:

  • @orbit: tags all Orbit members
  • @orbit-designers: tags all designers behind Orbit
  • @orbit-engineers: tags all maintainers of Orbit components


See all of our channels and what they’re for.


To request any changes in Orbit components, Figma UI kit, or anywhere else, this is the channel you’re looking for.


For announcements and related communication related to developing Orbit components in React.


For announcements and related communication related to designing for and with Orbit.


Discussion about native design and platform specifics in general—components, patterns, best practices


A log of everything that’s happening in the Orbit GitHub repositories.

Bug reporting on GitHub

If you find any bugs in our components, report them on GitHub and we’ll fix them as soon as possible. It’s the highest priority to have Orbit working as expected.