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Welcome to the Orbit design system, a shared repository for design patterns and guidelines at Orbit aims to bring order and consistency to all of our products and processes. We elevate user experience and increase the speed and efficiency of how we design and build products.


Orbit.Kiwi is still a work in progress. There's still a lot to do.
Any feedback and help is highly appreciated.

Orbit Principles

With Orbit we maintain the following principles:

Push forward

When working on something, we want to assess all the solutions already in use across our products, synthesize them, and build solutions that fit best.

Build for users

Investing time into reusable components gives us the opportunity to improve the accessibility and usability of our products.

Use established patterns

We encourage experimentation. We welcome new solutions. But, our focus is on using patterns and vocabulary that are familiar to our users.

Peer review

Orbit is an evolving project, as such we're always looking for better, more efficient ways to build our products. Peer review is a necessary part of Orbit's continued growth.