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All the planning under one roof.

Interested in what’s planned for Orbit in the coming weeks and months? This is a good place to start.

Roadmap contains delivery estimates only in quarter scope. For a more detailed overview of what is already designed and in what state, visit component status.

🚀 Current quarter

Our key results for this quarter.

Prepare Figma UI kit & mobile foundations

We are unifying our design tooling and we’ve decided to go full Figma. For Orbit, it means to prepare not just UI kit, but also some guidelines on how to work with Figma, how to structure projects and files, etc.

Improve extendability of Orbit components

We provide ways of composing our components into bigger ones, however, we lack in their better extendability – we want to open our ecosystem a bit more with adding more primitive components and properties to adjust look in terms of our visual foundation.

Improve theming possibilities

Introduce a more systematic approach to design tokens. Merge duplicates and allow easier theming with fewer possibilities of breaking the whole. All these are prerequisites for better tokens for specific breakpoints or platforms.

Decrease Orbit bundle size

Orbit bundle currently has ~530kbs, and we see several opportunities how to push it down – e.g. sharing code between similar components.

🏗 Next quarter or two

There is larger chance of this being our possible focus for next two quarters.

Measuring impact

Orbit is growing, more people are working on it and we need to start collecting data for measuring its impact, adoption, etc. And as the side product – to have data about usage, so we are doing as less breaking changes as we can.

Develop Orbit components for native mobile

The main goal: have components developed also for iOS and Android so we support better workflows and full Orbit adoption for our mobile team.

Create content style guide

Create a content style guide and voice & tone recommendations for Orbit texts.

Improve composability of List (sub)components

Currently, we have several components related to List components – some of them are interactive, some with icons, some without them. We plan to refactor them and improve their composability to offer more flexibility for our consumers.

Launch Orbit Dashboard

We want to provide an overview of Orbit adoption across all our projects, with the list of used components, adopters and mostly to provide information to maintainers about possible breaking changes.

Guidelines for animations

We are slowly introducing more complicated interactions and transitions, we will need to write some guidelines for animations so it’s consistent behavior across the product and works together.

🔮 Future

Items and ideas considered to do, without any commitment. We’ll see what the priorities will be once we’ll get there.

Add React playground to

We want to provide the possibility to easily go through variations of any components, and a playground is the best way to do it.

New company font

We face some issues with the readability of our current typography in smaller sizes and as our UI is compact, we should solve it by using a font that supports it better.

Refactor form components

After rapid introduction of many form elements, we noticed some inconsistencies in naming, composability and clear purpose of several form components. We want to improve these aspects, as well as introduce better guidelines on forms in general.

Brand color cleaning

We have a lot of colors defined for our white labels, we are duplicating #hexa codes and it’s a mess a little. The goal is to clean it, make the system out of it and improve the experience of white labels by defining colors that can & shouldn’t be changed.

Last update: 23rd January, 2020