Interested in what’s planned for Orbit in the coming weeks and months? This is a good place to start.

Roadmap contains delivery estimates only in quarter scope. For a more detailed overview of what is already designed and in what state, visit component status or Road to 1.0.0.

What's next?

Last update: 24th June 2019

Current term

We are focusing on this in the current quarter.

Release stable version of Orbit components

We have all common components ready, we're improving their accessibility and tokens coverage and then we will be able to release version 1.0.0.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Account in React Native

We are extending Orbit to React Native and React Native Web. That means not just prepare tokens, but also prepare components. This is just another step to support multi-platform components with Orbit. We will be directly supporting components from Account.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Improve Orbit.Kiwi documentation

Based on a lot of feedback we've got on Orbit documentation, we plan to add some new features to help people to navigate through docs better and add examples of component usage.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Support accessibility adoption

We have all basic stuff for a11y baked in Orbit, now we focus on passing all that into our production.

Estimation: Q2-Q3/2019

Extending Orbit for event pages

Every year, we organize a lot of events like hackathons, educational weekends, conferences... Everything is made custom, it costs us a lot of money and time; also the quality is questionable. We want to improve it by introducing event templates in Orbit.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Automate assets generation

We currently generate icon fonts manually through 3rd party service, we should be able to do it automatically from SVGs. We also want to improve how we generate illustrations and other assets.

Estimation: Q2/2019

Near term

We will focus on this in 1-2 quarters from now.

Add calendar to Orbit

It should support all travel related features – single date, range, drag&drop.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Create guidelines for Sketch & Abstract

The main goal of Abstract was to easily find design when needed – but we have a bit of chaos in branches, commits and Sketch structure, so we need to clean it up.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Create content style guide

Create a content style guide and voice & tone recommendations for Orbit texts.

Estimation: Q3-Q4/2019

Extend Orbit Themer

We should support all theming features that Orbit provides – design tokens, all colors, etc. We should also improve usability and understandability of the whole page.

Estimation: Q3/2019

Improve UI kit in Figma

Orbit for mobile is partially implemented in Figma, but our support for this tool was very limited. We need to improve that.

Estimation: Q4/2019


Items and ideas considered to do, without any commitment. We'll see what the priorities will be once we'll get there.

Extend Orbit to our mobile platform

The main goal: have components developed also for iOS and Android so we support better workflows and full Orbit adoption for our mobile team.

Estimation: not set, currently working on React Native

Synchronize form inputs across platforms

We currently have two designs for forms - for desktop use and for mobile apps. We want to try to find one way how to display it or at least match visual style for components where we can do it.

Estimation: not set

Extend Orbit to emails

Emails have their own set of components and Orbit should approach them in the same way as we are preparing components to React for front-end teams.

Estimation: not set

Brand color cleaning

We have a lot of colors defined for our white labels, we are duplicating #hexa codes and it's a mess a little. The goal is to clean it, make the system out of it and improve the experience of white labels by defining colors that can & shouldn't be changed.

Estimation: not set