For designers

Everything you need to start designing with the Orbit UI kit.

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👋 It’s so great to see you here!

As you don’t have access to’s network and tooling, we provide our Figma UI kit as files for you to download.

Figma UI kit

To access our library, duplicate the files you can find at our community profile.

These appear in your Drafts. Now you can work with them to create your own designs.

If you have a team plan, you can also use the files as a library. See the Figma docs for how to publish the files to a library.

Currently, Figma doesn’t provide notifications when our public files are updated. To make sure you stay up to date, check the Last updated date on the files at our community profile and follow us on Twitter.


By default, our libraries use Circular Pro, which isn’t an open font. If you have a license for Circular Pro, you can use Orbit with Circular Pro.

Don’t forget to buy a license for your domains.

If you don’t have a license, you can replace it with Roboto, a free font from Google. You can download Roboto from Google Fonts.