Basic brand resources that can help you with your design.

1. Logos

Download logos

The content of package:

  • Colored logos
    • Full Logo (eps, pdf, png, png@2x, svg)
    • Only Symbol (eps, pdf, png, svg)
  • White logos
    • Full Logo (eps, pdf, png, png@2x, svg)
    • Only Symbol (eps, pdf, png, svg)

If you need our logo in more formats, check our public repository of assets.

2. Colors

Please have in mind that colors mentioned below are used mostly for marketing materials. We use little different colors on Check our product palette in Colors page.

2.1 Primary

Always use the Primary color, never use Accent color without Primary color.

Primary Dark

For some very specific brand purposes we use teal color #0097A9. However, whenever you need to use brand color for digital purposes (web, apps, emails, marketing…), use #00a991. This will ensure that we have synchronized visual style across the whole user journey.

Use Pantone color for your offline assets

Do you need a color for marketing booth? Or stickers?

The best way how to ensure the alignment with brand color even in print assets, we recommend using PANTONE 3275 color.

Don’t copy HEX codes, sync automatically

In an effort to make this as easy as possible, we’ve provided you with a set of variables and design tokens with a synchronized color palette. If there’s ever a change in the future, it will be possible to recolor things across our product very easily.

2.2 Accent

Fits perfectly with the Teal color and should be always used in order Teal – Sun. Good for highlighting words, list bullets etc

Accent (Sun)
Accent Alternative (Sun)

3. Other

Press Kit page