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Team & Contributors

Orbit is created and maintained by

We are continuously improving and supporting our React components, UI kit for Figma, and the documentation on Occasionally, we also introduce some small tooling to support better workflows for designers and developers.

Core team

Design & Product

Aaron Collier, Writer

Aaron is responsible for our documentation.
He maintains and improves every part of to be as useful as possible.

William Kolmačka, UI Engineer

Will is responsible for the design part of Orbit. 
He works on and maintains UI kit and occasionally helps with the coding of components in React.

Milan Seitler, Designer

Milan is part of the core team for design. He contributes to the UI kit.

Jan Toman
Jan Toman, Product Lead

Jan manages Orbit in terms of product and design direction and maintains the roadmap. 
He enjoys design contributions, mostly to new components.


Filip Daniško, React Engineer

Filip contributes to React components and is also responsible for the whole accessibility aspect for Orbit.

Victor Genaev, React Engineer

Victor is one of the core component contributors to the React implementation of Orbit and is responsible for refactoring larger components.

Luděk Vepřek, React Lead

Luděk leads our React developers.
He is responsible for cross-platform API consistency between different implementations of Orbit components.

Former members

Tomáš Hapl, React Engineer

Tom, besides his work on React components, was the main maintainer of Orbit packages. He empowered our developers by providing smooth-working tooling and was the main contributor to the Orbit Themer.

Filip Mešša, React Native Engineer

Filip has extensive experience with building React Native components for different products and he used this experience to make React Native components more stable and usable.

Jan Václavík, React Native Lead

Jan led our React Native developers and was one of the core component contributors to the React Native implementation of Orbit.

Daniel Spitzer, React Native Engineer

Daniel is in the core team for extending Orbit to React Native. He works from Barcelona and is also responsible for React Native releases.

All contributors

From small reviews or additions to contributions of whole components. We really appreciate all your efforts when helping us to make Orbit better 👏

React components

    Thanks to all these folks for caring, your contribution helps to all Orbit consumers.