It’s important for us to have space where you can talk with us about Orbit and it’s parts or you need some help when using it.

Slack is our main platform for communication, so it’s only understandable that everything important what is happening around Orbit, is on Slack too.

Support channels on Slack

Check this list of our channels and what they are for.


If you need to request some change in Orbit components, Sketch UI kit, etc., this channel is one you are looking for.


The main channel with general information about Orbit – component releases, updates of Sketch UI library, …


The channel where we discuss everything that is connected to developing Orbit components in React.


The channel where we discuss everything that is related to mobile variation of Orbit.


Team channel where all team members write their daily standups.


Log of everything that is happening in Orbit Github repositories.

Did you find any bug in React components?

Report please all component bugs on Github and we’ll fix them with the highest priority.