Road to 1.0.0

All needed adjustments in Orbit React components for an upcoming major release. We aim to release it around the end of May.

Main tasks

Sketch v1.0.0βœ… Released
Dictionary for strings inside of Orbit componentsβœ… Released in 0.40.0
Z-index Framework
There is a mess in frontend z-indexes, this should fix it.
⏳ In progress
Code audit tool
So we are able to write better migration guides for breaking changes.
⏳ In progress
New icons
We will replace icon set with one that works better with new typography – it’s more rounded and personal.
⏳ In progress
Improving the accessibility of colorsβœ… Released in 0.42.0
Improving the accessibility of components⏳ In progress
Check status in Jira
Tokens refactoring
Current using of generic tokens doesn’t support the idea of customisability we want, we need to support more component-specific tokens.

New components

New componentStatus
Popoverβœ… Released in 0.39.0
Show component
SkipNavigationβœ… Released in 0.40.0
Show component
Paginationβœ… Released in 0.48.0
Show component
Layoutβœ… Release in 0.44.0
Show component
Slider⏳In progress
Check how it looks like
Collapse⏳In progress
Check how it looks like
CalloutBanner⏳In progress
Check how it looks like

Planned breaking changes

As much as we want to not do any breaking changes, we also need to do some bigger refactoring, visual or interaction update. We aim to bring all breaking changes (code & visual) to this update, so we are not handling them separately.

ButtonGroup component

  • Removing connectedprop
    • ButtonGroup will be connected by default.
    • Migration guide
      • Use Stack component for unconnected behavior.
      • Migration can be done before v1 release

Card component

  • Card title placement – it will be placed above the card
    • Changes in API – deprecating <CardHeader> sub-component; moving its properties directly to <Card> as property
    • It may also lead to visual breaking changes in some cases.
    • Migration guide
      • For API change: Remove CardHeader component and move the title to its own property.
      • For visual change: Check the usage of Card component and report it to Orbit team for further adjustments or fixes.

DestinationCard component

  • New look + properties refactoring
    • We need to make it less specific to prepare it for future component changes, it means removing some props and introducing new.

Error/help states for inputs

  • We have an ongoing problem with error and help texts in our form inputs – it’s not possible to have more than 1 line. This is an issue not only for English but also for other translations. We have a solution now, but it will be a visual breaking change.

TripSector and TripSegment

  • Based on company’s definitions how to name itinerary parts, we have to change name of two components: TripSector and TripSegment.
    • Migration guide:
      • Replace all usages of TripSector for ItinerarySector
      • Replace all usages of TripSegment for ItinerarySegment


We will switch to a new icon set and it’s possible that some icons will be renamed.

Old nameNew name

Icons going to be deleted

There are some icons which are going to be deleted with coming release of 1.0.0 version. Please replace these icons in advance by following icons:

Icon nameReplace by
loadingLoading component
routeNoStopsStopoverArrow component
routeOneStopStopoverArrow component
routeTwoStopsStopoverArrow component