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Roadmap / Road to React 1.0.0

All the planning under one roof.

We aim to release major React components during Q1/2021. There are some prerequisites that need to be implemented first.

Main tasks

Refactoring of orbit-design-tokens
We face some technical debt when comes to the architecture and tooling behind our design tokens.
⏳ In progress
Check status in Jira (only
Itinerary component
Replacement for old deprecated Trip components.
⏳ In progress
Check status in Jira (only
PictureCard componentπŸ§ͺ Defined design specification, currently reviewing
Error/help states for inputs
We have an ongoing problem with error and help texts in our form inputs – it’s not possible to have more than 1 line.
⏳ Implementing, waiting for integration testing
Deprecate babel plugin
The purpose of the Babel plugin is to ensure that only used parts of Orbit end up in the bundle, but ES modules in combination with tree-shaking can already do this.
⏳ In progress
Check status in Jira (only

Enhancements that won’t be a part of it

Even we would like to do as many changes and enhancements to @kiwicom/orbit-components as possible, we can’t anymore afford to post-pone release of it. Therefore we have some roadmap items or tasks that are currently blocked.

Z-index Framework
There is a mess in frontend z-indexes, this should fix it.
🚫 Blocked
Adoption of new z-index framework is currently blocked by legacy Stylus usage and low of adoption of high-level layout components.
Refactoring of Modal component
Current implementation if way too complex.
🚫 Postponed to Q3/2021
Our roadmap currently contains bigger and more priority items that we have to focus on.