The simple overview of things that changed in Orbit design system.

React Orbit components updates

For all updates in React components follow our Github repos:

All updates are also published in #orbit-components Slack channel.

Orbit UI Kit updates

All updates in our UI kit are published in #orbit-design-system Slack channel.

Also, when we update our icon font, we publish changes in #orbit-mobile Slack channel.

Orbit.Kiwi updates

July 2019

  • NEW! 🎉 Added About Orbit page
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Extend Orbit to emails card moved to Current
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Extend Orbit to mobile platform changed to Develop Orbit components for native mobile
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Support native apps in Sketch UI kit card was created
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Guidelines for animations card was created
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Improve theming possibilities card was created
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Refactor form components card was created

June 2019

  • NEW! 🎉 Added Pagination component
  • NEW! 🎉 Added SkipLink component
  • NEW! 🎉 Added React Native to Component Status
  • NEW! 🎉 Added Grammar & Mechanics page (first version)
  • NEW! 🎉 Added Voice & Tone page (draft)
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Removing 3rd party dependency for our roadmap 
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Automate assets generation card completed
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Login in React Native card renamed to Account in React Native
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Create content style guide card moved to Near term
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Create Sketch & Abstract guidelines card moved to Near term
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Brand color cleaning card moved to Future

May 2019

  • NEW! 🎉 Published Road to 1.0.0
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Added short descriptions for each component
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Improve basic accessibility card move to Completed
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Guidelines for Sketch & Abstract card created
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Extending Orbit for landing pages card renamed to Extending Orbit for event pages

April 2019

  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Improve Orbit visual style card moved to Completed
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Orbit.Kiwi search feature card moved to Completed
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Release stable version of Orbit components card created
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Automate icon generation card created
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Improve documentation homepage card created

March 2019

  • NEW! 🎉 Added standalone UI kit with Roboto typography
  • NEW! 🎉 Added new guidelines for creating carrier logos
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 A list of icons is not automatically fetched from Github repository and doesn’t need to be updated manually
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Added Pantone color code to Brand page
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 All components page have a new header, with links to Github and Storybook + tabs for Guidelines and API.
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 React Native support card moved to Near term
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Change to mobile first approach marked as Completed

February 2019

  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Extending style for landing page card moved to Current column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 React Native support card moved to Near term column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Framer X support card moved to Near term column

January 2019

  • NEW! 🎉 Added new component – Hide
  • NEW! 🎉 Added new component – Stepper
  • NEW! 🎉 Added new component – Tooltip
  • NEW! 🎉 Added new page – Media queries
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 React Native support card moved to Future column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Extending style for landing page card moved to Future column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Content style guide card moved to Future column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Streamline icons for Orbit renamed to Improve Orbit visual style and moved to Current column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Change to mobile first approach moved to Current column
  • ROADMAP UPDATE 🎯 Updated estimates in all roadmap items

December 2018

  • NEW! 🎉 Added new component – ChoiceGroup
  • NEW! 🎉 Added new component – Tag

November 2018

October 2018

  • NEW! 🎉 Added new page – Github Repos & Resources
  • NEW! 🎉 Added new page – Biz Dev Reports
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Updated high-level roadmap – added few new cards and quarter estimates
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Added white logos to our logo package on Brand page
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Added possibility to “copy” icon characters from Icon page
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Adjusted look of left sidebar (more prominent buttons on bottom, more compact look of menu items)
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Redesigned Changelog page so we don’t need to duplicate stuff (links to all repos, list of changes only for documentation)

August 2018

  • NEW! 🎉 Added filter mobile/web filter for components to menu
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Added possibility to “copy” icons in

July 2018

  • NEW! 🎉 Added Implementation API for all components from 0.1.0 release
  • NEW! 🎉 Color overview page for quick “copy/paste” use case!
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 Removed categories in Icons section
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯 “Get started” for developers connected to on Github repo

June 2018

  • NEW! 🎉 Added implementation API for components
  • IMPROVEMENT 🎯  Added possibility to copy HEX of color by clicking on the color tile