Technical content

How we produce technical content at

At, we speak with one voice. That voice is a blend of our core principles.

When producing technical content, usually the most important principle is that we’re straightforward. It’s important for our technical writing to be clear and understandable.

At the same time, our other principles are still important. Our empathy can be seen in how we think of our audience while writing. We’re also still passionate, even in technical writing.

This means there can be specific times when some emotion and personality makes sense in technical writing. For example, when describing the purpose of a service, you want to make people feel how useful it can be.

There are also times when some humor can help people process the technical content. For example, everything in our FinTech tribe relates back to ducks. This is a specific kind of humor that makes that tribe run.

Be careful when introducing humor. Most humor is based around a specific culture and might not make sense to people outside of it. Make sure your writing meets the core principle of being inclusive.