We are currently in the process of analyzing our product, synthesizing knowledge, and merging into reviewed components. That basically means that when we work on modal windows for Orbit, we start by analyzing our current solutions on and proceed to create a modal window that fits our use cases.

We’ve done a lot of early design research, even for components we haven’t put in Orbit yet. When you find an area you’d like to contribute to, contact @honza on Slack. He’ll give you everything we’ve already collected for that area.

Ready to contribute? Sure you are.

Have a look around. Explore Orbit. You’ll find a few (read: tons of) pages where we’ve yet to provide guidelines for areas of design and development.

That’s where you come in. Lend us a hand in shaping Orbit. We know you’re knowledgeable. And, we bet you’re passionate about something. Kerning? React, maybe?

Contribute then. Find a page. Claim it. Own it.

It’s your design system, after all. If you don’t take care of it, who else will?

Contribute to one of the pages below today:

  • [Design] Any non-designed component from the Component status page
  • [Copy] Examples of existing Alert messages from
  • [Design] Revision of flags
  • [Design] Revision of loading animations
  • [Design] Description of when we use each illustration
  • [Design / Dev] Design handoffs guidelines – what we use, how we use it, from designer & developer point of view
  • [Design / Dev] Guidelines for error validation
  • [Design] Guidelines how to work with Figma UI library for mobile design
  • [Dev] Anything you think that designers should know about our product or communication from developer’s point of view
  • … or basically anything you find here on Orbit.Kiwi and you feel like that’s incomplete or not enough explained.

We are also preparing contribution guidelines for component development in React.


Had a look around and decided something is missing? Propose its creation in the #plz-design (and mention @orbit) on Slack and we'll see what we can do about it.