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Everything you need to start designing with Orbit UI kit.

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As you don’t have access to’s network and tooling, we provide standalone Sketch files for you to download. You can connect them as library.

Sketch UI kits


Roboto is a free font from Google and you can download from Google Fonts repository.

Download Orbit UI kit for Sketch (using Roboto)

In case you’re not familiar with how Sketch Libraries works, check these two links:

Circular Pro

Don’t forget to buy a license for your domain(s).

If you have the license for Circular Pro covered, you can, you can use Orbit also with Circular Pro.

Download Orbit UI kit for Sketch (using Circular Pro)

Other font families

Orbit in React has extensive support for custom themes – so you can use any font you like. However, according to the limitations of design tooling, we are not able to support it for Sketch currently.