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When designing with accessibility in mind, it’s important to remember that not everyone will navigate your pages in the same way. Some people will go through all of your content in the order it’s presented, which often means having to navigate through the same menus on every single page.
SkipNavigation components at the top of pages offer these people the option to skip past the repeated content and get right to the primary actions on the given page. It can help you satisfy WCAG 2.0 Criterion 2.4.1 and won’t clutter up your designs for anyone who isn’t using it.
SkipNavigation components can include other common actions at the start of the page, such as submitting feedback or requesting a refund.
If you want to let users skip past parts of smaller components of the page, consider a skip link.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) offer advice and information on making content on the internet more accessible. They can help you make your content more usable for everyone, no matter how they experience it.

To ensure the best experience for everyone, the WCAG provide specific, testable criteria. These criteria aren't based on any given technology. So you can use them to verify that your content is accessible to a broad range of people.