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Technical content / Embeds

How we produce technical content at

You can include many things inside documentation. These are some standard guidelines to help them fit in well.


If you have code that is more than a few lines long, make sure you add an explanation of why it’s there.

For especially long code, skip the code block and add a link to the code in GitLab. (This also helps make sure the code stays up to date.)


To include any embed from Lucidchart in one of our wikis, use a LucidChart component to ensure the styling remains consistent.

If you have multiple charts to share, add them each as a separate embed. You can use a collapse component to hide them on initial page load. If absolutely necessary to use tabs on a single chart, make sure to describe the tabs outside of the chart so readers know they are there.

File names

Try to name your files so it’s clear what they relate to.