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Social media / Visual treatment

How we write and use images in social media.

As the old Czech proverb goes: “Don’t just say it, show it!”

The right imagery makes our content much more powerful and engaging. It also helps us to differentiate from our competitors.

Our photography should always have a sense of optimism. The subjects and environments should feel authentic. We shouldn’t be afraid of showing real faces and emotions. People should be unposed and their composition within the environment natural. Lighting, color and tone should be unfiltered and realistic #NoFilter! 

Each image should establish an emotional connection with our audience, showing them the world can offer.

Our destinations…

ARE real, authentic and full of wanderlust. Images don’t just show the place but the details of the people and the story.

ARE NOT unrealistic, over edited, broad stock landscapes that lack emotion.

Our people…

ARE diverse and show real authentic moments. They are natural, capturing the emotions and adventurous spirit of our audience. 

ARE NOT posed, facing away from the camera or recreating unrealistic and cliched moments.

Our travel…

IS bright and cheerful. It’s packing and getting ready. The journey is not a boring transition, it’s all part of the adventure.

IS NOT dull and boring, it’s not posed cliched moments or suggestive or monotony/complexity/delays.

Our moving images…

ARE authentic and help create awe in the world around you to tell a  more engaging story.

ARE NOT stylized, tongue-in-cheek or over-produced, or trying to represent unreal situations.