Shortening phases

We need to show shorter versions of some phrases very often, mostly for mobile version or smaller viewports. The list below should help with shorter versions of the most used phrases.

ID Default Short Long
Airline WZZ W61) Wizzair
City Vancouver
Los Angeles
L. A.
Vancouver, Canada (all airports)
Los Angeles, CA (all airports)
Prague, Czechia
Country Canada
Station Prague (PRG) PRG
Hashtag #morning and 3 others #morning, #any… #morning, #anywhere, #beach, #surfing
Combinations Vienna, Prague and 3 others Vienna, Prag… Vienna, Prague, Brno, Gdansk and Warzaw
Radius Top destinations from Vienna‎ +4 more Top destinations Top destinations from Vienna, Prague, Brno, Gransk and Warzaw
Adress Plateau Mont Royal, Montréal Montréal, Canada 3466 rue St-Denis, Plateau Mont Royal, H2X 3L3 Montréal, Canada
Date Jan 7, 2018 Jan 7 January 7th, 2018
Day Sun, January 7 Sunday Jan 7, 2018
DOB 12/31/1989
Time 8:30 PM 8:30p
Price $2,459
Passenger Name John Doe J. Doe Mr. John Doe, MBA
Duration 27h 30m 27h+ 27h 30m, 2 stops

1) Most airlines don’t have a short version
2) Most cities don’t have a short version. We shouldn’t display All airports when there’s only one airport


Did you find some phrase missing? Send it to channel #plz-orbit and we will add it to the table above.