A list of most used words and phrases in our product.

General words & phrases

Word / Phrase Explanation
Return (trip) A journey to a specific destination and back.
One-way (trip) A journey to a specific destination.
Multi-city (trip) A journey when a passenger travels from one city to another, stays there for a couple of days and then continues the journey to another city, etc.
radius search Search for flights within a certain area.
e-ticket Details of the flight itinerary but does not allow pax to board
boarding pass Generated after check-in and allows pax to board
additional services Seating, meals, sports equipment, etc….
special assistance
An additional service we organize to help passengers with disabilities
check-in = noun/adjective
check in = verb
Once we check in our passengers, they can skip check-in altogether, saving them from the check-in fee and the queue at the check-in counter.
re-check When baggage needs to be collected by pax during a layover.
checked baggage  Passengers needs to check their baggage at the airport. Don’t use hold luggage or similar.
cabin baggage Passengers can take this baggage with them on board. Don’t use hand luggage or similar.
personal item An item, in addition to cabin baggage, that is carried on board, e.g. camera bag or handbag.
PNR (Personal Name Record) A numbering convention used in our industry. Pax receive a unique PNR number which is associated with all their booking and personal details.
Booking Number’s private numbering convention which we use to locate our bookings e.g. 2,326,340. Always use the longer form in the product (not BID).

Parts of itinerary

Word / Phrase Explanation
Segment Segment is an atomic unit of the itinerary. One segment connects two locations and can be traveled by different vehicles.
If you take a flight then it is called a flight segment. When you travel by bus then it is bus segment, with train train segment, etc.
Another example of vehicles for transportation between two locations can be a taxi, boat or hyperloop in the future, etc.
Connection Connection also called connecting flight is a flight that requires you to change from one plane to another at an intermediate airport (connection point).
The connection consists of two or more flight segments. These segments are operated by one airline or airline group and later are booked under one PNR.
Sector Sector is a part of the itinerary that consists of one or more segments.
One way trip has one sector. For example, consider a flight from Prague to Valencia with the connection in London, then the sector is from Prague to Valencia.
Round trip has two sectors. For example a round trip from Barcelona to Beijing with the connection in Vienna. One sector is from Barcelona to Beijing (also called outbound sector) and the second is from Beijing to Barcelona (also called inbound sector).
Multicity trip is composed from two or more sectors. For example a multicity trip with three sectors: Departing from Prague to London, then from Manchester to Barcelona and then from Madrid to Vienna.
Itinerary Itinerary are all the segments that are offered together on

You can find more information about itinerary naming on Confluence.

Form labels

Word / Phrase Explanation
Given name We use this instead of “First name” as it covers middle name in some countries as well.
Surname(s) Second part of the name.
Nationality List of countries.
Gender Sex of the passenger.
Date of birth Don’t use “Birth dare” or similar.
Credit card number
In the payment form
In the payment form
Security code
In the payment form
Cardholder’s name
In the payment form
Word / Phrase Explanation This is the brand name of our product. It is not Kiwi, nor is it Skypicker. Guarantee Our guarantee to our customers.
MultiCity Search feature for multi-city itineraries
Nomad Search feature, based on the traveling salesman algorithm, which takes destinations and shuffles them in order to prepare the shortest, most affordable itineraries.
Holidays Search feature for holiday packages.
Travel Planner Search feature for planning travel itineraries for events and meetings using calendar integration.
Refer a Friend Tell your pals about
Stories Our online travel magazine.
Price Alerts Receive alerts about flights.
Travel Basic Fundamental travel insurance.
Travel Plus Extended travel insurance.
Help Centre Our Help Centre has articles to answer our customers’ most common questions. It’s designed to reduce the number of CS contacts we receive. Credit
Sent to our customers’ accounts from refunds, Refer a Friend, etc for pax to use to pay for flights.