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Wizard / React

Also known as Steps

Nudges users to complete several steps.

During larger tasks such as purchasing tickets or setting up an account, it helps users to know how much progress they’ve made and what’s left to do. Nudge them to complete the task by using a wizard to clearly show all of the steps done and what’s coming next.

To implement a Wizard you need to import components Wizard and WizardStep, then use Wizard as a container for multiple WizardSteps:

import Wizard, { WizardStep } from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/Wizard";

Then use Wizard as the container for multiple WizardSteps:

<Wizard id="wizard" completedSteps={3} activeStep={3} onChangeStep={() => {}}>
  <WizardStep title="Search" />
  <WizardStep title="Passenger details" />
  <WizardStep title="Ticket fare" />
  <WizardStep title="Customize your trip" />
  <WizardStep title="Overview & Payment" />

Wizard props

Name Type Default Description
activeStep number Zero-based index marking the current Wizard step. Should be lower than or equal to the value of completedSteps.
children React.ChildrenArray<React.Element<WizardStepComponent>> WizardStep elements.
completedSteps number Number of completed steps, ranging from 0 to total number of steps.
onChangeStep (stepIndex: number) => void | Promise<any> Function which handles when a Wizard step is clicked. It’s called with the step index, so you can use it to change activeStep.

WizardStep props

Name Type Default Description
title string Name of the step.
onClick event => void | Promise<any> Function which handles click event.