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Alert / React

Alert messages intend to break the flow of the user. They aim to raise awareness about key decisions that users have to make.

To implement Alert component into your project you’ll need to add the import:

import Alert from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/Alert";

After adding import into your project you can use it simply like:

<Alert>Hello World!</Alert>


The table below contains all types of the props available in Alert component.

Name Type Default Description
children React.Node The content of the Alert.
closable boolean false If true, the Close icon will be displayed. See Functional specs
dataTest string Optional prop for testing purposes.
icon React.Element<any> | boolean The displayed icon. See Functional specs
inlineActions React.Node Renders action to a right side of a Alert. See Functional specs
onClose () => void | Promise Function for handling Alert onClose.
spaceAfter enum Additional margin-bottom after component. See this docs
title Translation The title of the Alert.
type enum "info" The type of Alert.



Functional specs

  • By passing the closable prop into Alert, you will be able to handle onClose function and Close icon will be displayed. Also, if you want to select the Close Button element for testing purposes, use [data-test=”AlertCloseButton”] selector.

  • If you set up icon props as true, Alert will have its own icon, based on selected type. If you want to use a different icon, just pass it to the icon prop as React.Element. Alert without icon prop doesn’t have any icon.

  • Passing a inlineActions will cause children to be ignored. inlineActions should be used for displaying buttons inside short alerts which only have a title.