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Communicates information about specific airports in an interesting visual way.

Most people process visual information faster than text. Help them understand what to do at a specific airport by including one of our airport illustrations so they know what flow to expect.

Remember that though illustrations help most people, they donโ€™t help everyone. Make sure your content is accessible to everyone by presenting all essential information in text form and not just visuals.

Component status

Web (React)
iOS (Swift)
Android (Kotlin)

Content structure

Image: helps users match instructions with real signage.

Airport illustration types

You can set two things about illustrations. The first is the illustration itself, which you can choose from the complete list of illustrations.

The second is the size. We have five different sizes to offer, which are based around the maximum height of the illustration.

  • Extra small (90 px)
  • Small (120 px)
  • Medium (200 px)
  • Large (280 px)
  • Display (460 px)


Present info nonvisually

Illustrations can add a lot to your designs. So you need to make sure everything necessary is presented to people who wonโ€™t see the illustration as alternative text.

Meaningful alternative text includes the context and function of the illustration. Make sure everything you want users to know to continue in the flow is available to them.

You can include alternative text through means like the `alt` attribute. Or you can present necessary alternative text next to the illustration as text or headings, in which case you can set the `alt` attribute to an empty string.

If an illustration is only for decoration, leave the alternative text blank. Providing a description just gives users extra information that does not help them.

  # Use meaningful alt text
A picture with alternative text underneath: Follow all directions for priority security lanes.
A picture with alternative text underneath: A corridor with orange railings surrounding a dark circle with a white arrow underlined by two lines, one white and the other orange.

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Illustrations are more general and can be used in various contexts.

Available illustrations

  • BGYFastTrack
  • BUDFastTrack
  • MRSSmartPass
  • NCEFastTrack
  • PRGSmartPass
  • VCESmartPass