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Accordion / React

Groups related long content into sections shown one at a time.

To implement Accordion component into your project you’ll need to the import the Accordion and the AccordionSection:

import Accordion, { AccordionSection } from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/Accordion";

After adding import into your project you can use it simply like:

  <AccordionSection>Hello World!</AccordionSection>


Name Type Required Default Description
children React.ReactNode The content of the Accordion. You can use only AccordionSection
expandedSection string | number Optional prop to control which AccordionSection (by id) is expanded
loading boolean If true it will render the Loading component
onExpand (sectionId: string | number) => void | Promise<any> Callback (along with sectionId) that is triggered when section is expanding
dataTest string
spaceAfter "none" | "smallest" | "small" | "normal" | "medium" | "large" | "largest"


Name Type Required Default Description
id string | number
children React.ReactNode
actions React.ReactNode
expanded boolean
expandable boolean
onExpand Common.Callback
header React.ReactNode
footer React.ReactNode
dataTest string


() => void | Promise<void>